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With a successful startup, 6 years of I.T. support and web design freelancing behind me, I've spend the last few years getting very comfortable with front end development. I made plans to cross over into the development field because I've fallen in love with coding and software development. Prior to owning my own small IT firm, I worked as an accounting clerk for a home-heating oil delivery and service business where I was responsible for managing accounts and general ledger entries. I have great interpersonal skills, and an incredible talent for learning new things quickly, combined with a strong drive to get things done- which has served me well in every situation. Consistently improving my skills, and talents has become a way of life. Some of my greatest accomplishments are: creating and distributing a custom diagnostic live Linux disc for computer hardware and network troubleshooting, owning a modestly successful IT support company, and creating a unique JavaScript library for password generation. During my years as an IT support owner, I designed many websites, and solved thousands of challenging technical problems for business owners and residential customers. I wrote my first "Hello World" at age 7 sitting in front of my parents Apple IIe back in 1988, and from there- my passion for computers grew exponentially. I've been an early adopter of every technology available, ever since. In the future, I see my career evolving towards front end development roles, full stack development, and perhaps even a DevOps role, someday. I would love to put my enterprise IT experience together with development skills to become the true IT hero of the development stack.

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